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Toca Life Office redefines the phrase "all work and no play makes John a dull boy." Curious about how people in the office spend time aside from working? This interactive game is perfect for exploring the many different aspects of office life! From a receptionist who has to juggle answering phone calls and greeting guests to a CEO who needs to make important decisions, there are plenty of opportunities for role-playing fun.

Toca Life Office is not your average office in the middle of the business district. All tasks have a touch of adventure and excitement with them. It's not every day that you get a chance to ride a helicopter just to run errands, right?

 With Toca Life Office, players can have a fun and entertaining idea of how adults spend most of their time in the office aside from working hard for their families.

Players can enjoy playing Toca Life Office, with its six locations: the apartment, the courthouse, the office, the rooftop, the daycare, and the bank! Each location has a unique set of tasks and adventures that players need to finish to progress in the game. Toca Life Office is also filled with different characters that players can interact with, from a friendly receptionist to a worried CEO.

With Toca Life Office, there are no boring days in the office! Some of the latest features include the chance to meet a whopping 35 new characters, use the all-new items, and even play with a pet! 

Toca Life Office is designed to be an entertaining game that gives players a glimpse of what office life is like for adults. The game is filled with different locations and characters with that players can interact. In-app purchases are also present should you want to have a much better playing experience in the game.

It has different features that can entertain its players, including the chances to dress up their characters in whatever fashion they like and meet new people in six different locations: the office, the bank, the courthouse, the apartment, the rooftop, and the daycare.

They can also take care of children in the daycare, solve cases like a detective in the courtroom, and even move valuables into vaults in the bank. This game is not just full office work. It allows you to solve puzzles and complete mini-adventures and completely different levels while winning prizes and bonuses.

While doing all these, you can also use the in-app recording function to commemorate your little achievements in the game, whether it be by taking a screenshot or making a short video. Now you can show your friends what things you have achieved while playing Toca Lite Office.

It is one of the most highly-downloaded games on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Even though you have to pay for the game, we are sure that your money is well-spent because of the fun and adventures it will give you while playing it.


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Toca Life Office
Toca Life Office
Toca Life Office
Toca Life Office
Toca Life Office
Toca Life Office

How to play

As mentioned earlier, each Toca Life Office location has different tasks for you. You have to finish these tasks and win diamonds and other prizes that you can use to advance to other locations. That's how simple the gameplay is, but there are some added tips that we want to share with you to have a better gaming experience.

You can find diamonds in other unexpected places, such as the one hidden behind a portrait in the Apartment's bathroom, under the ATM machine in the bank, and many more. Earn these diamonds and use them to buy better costumes, abilities, and other items that you can use in other locations.

You can also find a lot of costumes hidden in many places, such as behind the posters for the sloth costume, the judges' costumes besides the judge's podium in the Courthouse, and a ketchup-themed costume in the Apartment. Another thing hidden behind the poster is a secret hole in Jail that you can use to escape.

You can use Toca Life Office's recording function to take videos or pictures of your gameplay. This is a great way to share your accomplishments in the game with your friends. The recording function is located in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, you can upload it on your social media accounts for all your Toca Life Office-playing friends to see and admire.

The equipment found in different locations can also be used in solving problems and clearing rounds of mini-games in the gameplay. For example, you can use printers and a laptop to solve the puzzles to get diamonds and other prizes in the store in the Office.

If you want to ensure that your valuables are secured in the bank's vault, you can easily set up an alarm to warn you if burglars try to steal something from you. This is a cool addition to the bank's safety and security features in the game.

Exploring the big office is also cool. It leads you to secret rooms filled with adventure, excitement, fun, and prizes along the way. Use these secret rooms to your advantage as you outsmart the other players and gain leverages.

Lastly, the costumes you can find in many hidden places aren't just costumes -- these can transform characters into superheroes with real powers that they can use in various gameplay games. This adds a layer of excitement to those already in Toca Life Office.

If you want to see how grown-ups work and function in their everyday lives, playing Toca Life Office is one of the best ways. With its many features, Toca Life Office is not just a game but also an educational tool that can teach you the ropes of different workplaces. This game is also safe for children, so you can play it with them and tell them facts about the different workplaces. Sounds like a cool learning experience, right?



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