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Stickman Hook is an endless arcade-based game that will test your timing and physics skills.

If you're looking for a fun, thrilling, yet passive game, Stickman Hook should definitely be on your phone. It combines action and logic in one, which makes it popular for all ages and genders.

To add, the game is probably one of the best time-waster games out there. This means that it's a good everyday game to have since you can play it any time you like. There are no timeouts or schedules to follow, nor will you have to wait for hours just to start and finish a game.

In a nutshell, Stickman Hook uses a simple stickman character whose goal is to go through all of the platform's obstacles successfully using a tool called "grapnel."

For reference, the grapnel is an adjustable rope and will be your tool throughout all the levels you'll go through. As of the time of this review, it's not yet replaceable, but this isn't really a big deal to be considered a disadvantage.

The developer, MadBox, gave the stickman spider-like movements and agility, which gave it even more character. As per the official description, this is also done to make players, you, in our case, see the character as a spider stickman. Because of this, you can see this as somewhat inspired by Spiderman, although not explicitly stated.

To make the character even more distinct, it turns into a ball throughout the time that it's not jumping. This will allow you to bounce off on flat surfaces instead of only having the option to swing endlessly. The movement is also a way to be flexible in passing the game's levels.

Despite the game having a relatively simpler design and graphics, you can actually expect a lot from it. It consists of gameplay features like being able to equip the stickman with various skins and acrobatic tricks.

Playing Stickman Hook will mostly require your skills in timing and coordination. With a good sense of vision, hand movement, and logic, you can expect that playing this will be a piece of cake (although still challenging).

Control-wise, the developers also maintained their simplicity. You only need your fingers to tap whenever you want to jump or switch positions. We'll delve deeper into this topic in the following section to better help you navigate your way around the app.

Note that you also have to deal with physics since momentum plays a big part in finishing a level. Find the right time to jump, release from a course point, switch hooks, and when it's best to just bounce off. If you miss the opportunity, you may swing too slow and ruin your gameplay for the whole course.

Another good thing about Stickman Hook is it's a free-to-play game. You don't have to pay for anything just to enjoy it. It's important to remember that it runs through ads, though. Because of this, you should expect advertisements every so often. You always have a choice to buy the ad-free version if you like, but you can still rest assured that Stickman Hook stays enjoyable.


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Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook

How to play

Learning how to play Stickman Hook is actually pretty straightforward. It's mainly touch-based, wherein you only have to do three things - tap, hold and release.

A level will start with your stick character in its ball form. It immediately starts moving, so make sure to be alert and look out for obstacles and hooks. The hooks come in circles.

Once you align with the said hook, tap and hold to activate your grapnel and attach yourself to it. Release it once it's time to switch to another hook or simply bounce off the floor. Keep in mind that timing is significant throughout the game, so pay a lot of attention, especially when jumping.

Stickman Hook doesn't have a story. There is no certain goal line that you have to achieve, which can actually be one of its main charms. Because of this, you can also expect that there is no boss, villains, or special requirements just to finish a level. You just need to avoid the obstacles until you reach the finish line.

You will surely feel satisfied once you reach the finish line because the character will perform a dance every time you complete a successful attempt.

After each level, you will receive coins, which you can use to buy new skins and perks. This is a good touch that will ensure that it stays fresh-looking even if you spend hours or days playing it. It will also give you the delight of collecting each skin possible.

Occasionally, there will also be pop-ups offering coins and new skins to make it easier to collect each one. The game also offers to skip a level for you in exchange for watching an ad. Make the most out of these if you're a big fan of customization options.

You may be worried about the game being too simple or too challenging. After all, it's an endless arcade game.

Hence, you will be glad to know that the levels gradually evolve from being a simple non-obstacle course to more complex platforms. This change will make it easier for you to adjust from one difficulty to another difficulty.

You can also rely on Stickman Hook to keep you at the edge of your seat when courses get hard. It applies, even if there are basically an infinite number of levels that you can play. This makes it a good game to just have lying around on your phone since there's a high chance you'll seek the thrill of jumping and swinging on hooks once in a while.

You can play the game either online or offline, both having the same features. If you do have an internet connection, you can access the Tournament Mode. Here, you can race with other players in real-time to make it even more fun and challenging. It can also be a breather since you will have the option to play with your friends.

If you have played Stickman Hook already, feel free to add some comments below about your thoughts and experiences! Doing so will surely help other people who also plan to install the game.



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