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"Show your power by beating the demons; don't let the demons beat you."

The strobing colours and lights that appear throughout the stages distinguish Geometry Dash from The Impossible Game; they're attractive at first, but they quickly put you into a mild, fascinating trance. After a marathon game of Geometry Dash, looking away from the screen may result in the weird swirling vision shown in some optical illusion movies.

Geometry Dash has amazing audio, with each level having its own distinct speed. You could find the music irritating because you'll be tapping along to the beat only to be stopped by a new piece that requires you to touch off-beat.By turning off the music, you can focus on the visual messages, which are considerably more important than the music. Plus, when your try count climbs into the hundreds, songs that once caught your interest will start to grate on your nerves. 

To get to the "coming soon screen" for the third time, go to the main levels screen and press the right button around 66 times. There ought to be a hidden coin there.Completing quests earns you Diamonds, which may be used to purchase Icons. Every day, three quests are offered.This is a complete list of all collectibles and information on how to obtain them.

Secret Coins: These can be found in the main levels and map packs and hidden mysteries throughout the game. Because all levels are unlocked from the beginning, they can be played in any sequence. In addition, you can gather up to three secret coins placed in either hidden or tough areas at each official level.

Users Coins: Collect them in levels created by users. Bronze coins are not included in your total. 

Diamonds: The weekly demon, the daily level, missions, and the daily chest are all sources of diamonds.Orbs of Mana: Orbs can be obtained from a variety of chest types and progress through various levels. Shards of Power: Shards of Power can be obtained by finishing The Lost Gauntlets and opening the chests they award and from the Daily Chest.Demon Keys: You'll receive a demon key for every 500 Mana Orbs you acquire.

Geometry Dash has 21 levels, with 18 of them available right away. Some are easy to beat, while others will take hundreds of attempts to master and complete. The difficulty of the levels ranges from Easy to Demon. 

The game is simply incredible. The level editor function gives the appropriate challenge for the gamer and allows them to be creative.

There are online levels that range from simple enough for anyone to impossible to complete. The game provides a challenge for everyone, and it also features an amazing soundtrack.

You can double your stats by defeating demons from the gauntlets twice. (Once in the gauntlet and once in the online levels.)

There are 14 gauntlets in total, which means there are 70 levels to complete if you wish to complete all of them. Fortunately, there aren't many devils among them. There are 65 map packs in all, 30 of which are necessary for Steam accomplishments and 45 of which are required for in-game achievements.


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Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite

How to play

You'll find some mysterious coins strewn about each level that you'll have to seek for by going off the usual path. If you're having trouble merely getting through the level, don't bother with them. They just aggravate the situation. Because you must complete the level to get them, you should only focus on them if you have a decent sense of what to expect from the entire level.

The secret coins are used to unlock demon difficulty in official levels and purchase new player icons.

It will help if you guide a square across stages packed with disruptive items in Geometry Dash. But unfortunately, the game becomes quite aggravating as one minor error sends you back to the beginning. In this rhythm-based fascinating platform game, you must continuously jump and fly over the different dangers.

It would be best to prepare for an almost impossible challenge in Geometry Dash. Push your talents to the limit while flying and flipping your way through the difficult corridors and prickly obstacles as you jump.

In the game, there are several difficulties to overcome. You can either fly, jump or adjust the direction of gravity to avoid this. Tap to jump or change gravity's direction and hold to fly.

Geometry Dash employs simple tap controls that cause various cars to react when the touchscreen is pressed. Unfortunately, you have no control over the icon's speed, and the only way to adjust it is to touch a set of speed-shifting arrows.

You'll come across platforms that arise one after the other, so don't be discouraged. You might have the best luck keeping your cube moving by pressing down on your device's display. This will allow you to complete the challenges promptly, but if you notice spikes, you should let go of the display to prevent colliding with one of the dangerous vehicles. 

After completing the platformer portion of the game, the next step is to hop aboard a rocket and fly it while avoiding hazards. You can use thurst upward by pressing down on display. You can come back down by releasing it. The ideal strategy for flying the rocket is to keep it in the center of the screen.

Colored circles float in mid-air and float on platforms. This will cause you to jump high or reverse the direction of gravity.

The in-game music's tempo and rhythm are important aspects of the game that are linked. The game's goal is to reach the finish of each level and complete it. If the player collides with an obstacle, they must restart the game from the beginning.

You will be rewarded with icons or colors on primary levels as soon as you complete a level and mana orbs, which may be used to purchase icons, death effects, or trails.

One of its features is Practice mode, which allows you to resurrect at a checkpoint closer to when you were killed rather than restart from the beginning.

Are you a fan of Geometry Dash? Leave a comment below and share your best trick or cheat! 



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  • i love this game i got over 70% in clubstep




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  • Great. Absolutely great. This game has an amazing community of players, creators, and all that stuff. This could possibly be my second favorite game (under Minecraft).



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