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Wordscapes is a challenging word hunt game that will surely expand your English vocabulary.

If you are looking for a game that you can have fun with and learn from at the same time, Wordscapes is one of the best games that you should consider. It is inspired by a modern crossword puzzle, combined with anagrams and a word search.

the game is basically a brain booster. Some claim that playing this every day, even for just ten minutes each session, can already keep you performing logically.

Your main goal is to come up with various words from the given set of letters. It will start easy, and upon leveling up, you should expect to deal with more and more letters. Hunt words, make new ones out of them and fill up all the necessary boxes to pass a stage.

Now, what makes Wordscapes different from other word-based educational games is its relaxing aura. While playing, you can listen to the built-in calming tune, which will surely make you feel like you're answering the puzzle in another place.

Nature lovers will also surely find satisfaction in completing every level because of the gorgeous landscapes that will be shown each time. Accompanied by natural sounds like bird tweets, flowing streams, buzzing of insects, and the likes, rest assured that your brain will be in just the right state to come up with the right answers.

To add, Wordscapes make a good family-friendly and kid-friendly game. Even if you open the game on just one device, you can easily share thoughts with whoever you're with and take turns in trying out new words.

What makes this even better is the fact that you don't have to worry about being stressed since the game is equipped with unlimited tries. There are no penalties for entering the wrong words, and you can get to try again and again until you finally cross out all the possible answers. Unlike others, you won't also have to deal with "lost lives" or waiting for hours just to jump out on the word search again.

Wordscapes is generous enough to give coins after completing a level. You can also gain additional credit for entering valid words that aren't officially in the crossword. On some levels, simply entering a word will give you coins. You can use these to gain hints. Some power-ups that you can get include getting a random bonus letter on one of the crossword boxes or fully getting a bonus answering a word. Rest assured that you won't have to struggle with being stuck for days on a level through these tools.

The game doesn't have any gambling-based qualities, which makes it even perfect for children. Moreover, it's rated 3+. There are no options for chatting with other players, connecting your account to 18+ social media sites, and other settings that can possibly harm your child's online activities.

Note that there are in-app purchases and advertisements, though. This means that you may want to guide your kid when playing this to avoid unwanted transactions and exposure to online ads. If you plan on having this as a long-term game, you may also want to consider investing in ad-free gameplay.


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How to play

Wordscapes is a no-brainer. Here, you only need to touch a letter, drag it into the next one, depending on the word that you want to form and release it once you're done. There is absolutely no need for a console or additional device.

The game is free to install, which eliminates another common issue for many. It's also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Moving on, Wordscapes doesn't follow a story. There are no characters to remember, no storyline to follow through and complete, and likes. The only equipment that you need is your finger, and that's it. It's simple enough for beginners to work their way around it. Similarly, the absence of an unnecessary storyline also means that it won't take a lot of space on your phone.

Once you open the game from your phone, you go directly into immersing yourself in solving challenging word puzzles. Of course, it will start easy. In the first level, expect that you will have to deal with only four to five letters. Over time, it will extend up to ten letters, even more, if you play and succeed on several levels.

On a side note, you'll be glad to know that this is more of an endless game. There are countless levels. The latest update said that there are over 6,000 levels, but some players have stated in their reviews that they have reached over 6,500. At this stage, though, you may want to expect a sense of repetitiveness, as per what other reviews said.

Similarly, since Wordscapes isn't a story-based word search, expect that there is no "boss" level that you have to overcome. Your only end goal is to complete the puzzle above the letters. To make it easier to navigate around the puzzle, you can base off on the crossword-like anagram to get clues on what word you need to have.

For those that want to get a brain refresher, a bespoke button for remixing the given set of letters is also available. You don't have to spend any coins on this, and you can do this as many times as you need to.

There are other game modes that you can try if you really don't feel like solving the current level from the main puzzle. You can check out bonus levels as a breath of fresh air. This changes every day, which means that you have a new chance to get new coins and learn new words daily. There are also tournaments wherein you can battle with other players online.

All in all, if you're looking for an educational game that can both be fun and a time-waster, installing Wordscapes is a good choice. It suits gamers of all ages and genders and also makes a good tool for bonding with other people.

If you want to share your thoughts about the game, some tips to other players, and basically any relevant recommendations for playing Wordscapes, feel free to leave a comment below!




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