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Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game that's all about horses. Breed, train, and rear your own horses and race them in a variety of events, including traditional races and cross-country roams. If you want to relax with beautiful horses in a well-made game with detailed animations, Rival Stars Horse Racing is the game for you.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a polished game with lots of activities involving 3d horses. The game tells the story of an old horse racing family whose estate has fallen into disrepair. Your goal is to revitalize both the family name and the estate by purchasing horses, racing them, breeding them, and raising their foals. Over the course of the game, you'll enjoy a sense of progression as you create better and better horses with incredible pedigrees and compete in races to generate cash for your family.

The best part of Rival Stars Horse Racing is the level of polish and detail. Horses have motion-captured animations, high-quality textures, and incredibly intricate 3d models that allow you to get a good sense of their beauty and poise. The game's art style is a careful blend of the elegance of an oil painting with elements of fantasy realism, giving you the perfect environment to check out your horses in. You just won't find idyllic country pastures and scenic racetracks like the ones found in the game in real life. Even if you're not a big fan of the racing gameplay or the pedigree management required for the breeding aspect of the game, any horse enthusiast will love relaxing with the horses in this game.

As far as racing goes, Rival Stars has a somewhat simplistic timing-based model that keeps races engaging without overcomplicating things. Each horse has a preferred position relative to the other horses, marked by a big green stripe on the map. While you're in the green stripe, you generate more stamina for sprinting. At a basic level, your strategy is to sit in the green stripe until the race is nearly over and then blow all of your stamina on a well-timed sprint. The system is complex enough to provide nuance, however, as you can choose to start farther ahead of your horses' preferred position and have less stamina or breed horses who prefer to be ahead of the field anyway. These choices ensure that racing doesn't get old quickly and remains replayable as you advance in the game.

While racing helps you generate some gold in Rival Stars Horse Racing, managing your stables might be more important. As you race, you'll have the opportunity to both level up your existing horses and purchase new stalls to keep new horses in. These new horses can be purchased from the market or foaled from your current stock. The better your horses are, the better their foals will be. You can even choose breeding partners based on desirable patterns and colors, giving you the opportunity to create the horse of your dreams. Just like with real-life breeding, you won't create a perfect horse in a single generation. Instead, you'll have to gradually modulate traits until you produce the perfect racehorse.


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Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing

How to play

When you start Rival Stars Horse Racing, a friend of your grandfather named Francis Kwan will appear and give you several tasks. Don't ignore him. Mr. Kwan serves as a guide through the game and will usually direct you toward the most efficient and effective tasks in the game. Completing his story missions (and his daily missions) will give you some bonus rewards and also put you on the path to success.

Speaking of success, while horse racing will get you quite a lot of money, most of your income will likely be generated passively via the ranch. Upgrading your manor will give you many opportunities for passive income. The more horses you have, the more day riders you'll attract. The more facilities you have to rent out, the more rental income you'll earn. Be sure to collect this money regularly and reinvest it into more horses and better facilities.

As far as breeding is concerned, you'll want to make sure that you combine horses that are good at two different things. If a mare has great stamina, for example, you'll want to pair her with a stallion that has worse stamina but better acceleration and top speed. Things won't always work out the way you want them to, but a good portion of the time you'll get a filly that inherits the best traits of both parents.

The racing itself is a nuanced activity, but one of the keys to success is to level up your racehorses. Most of your horses will simply chill on the ranch on most days. The ones that race will be eligible for upgrades, increasing their chances of success in subsequent events. This means two things. First, you'll want to race with a narrow subset of your horses to ensure that you can fully upgrade them. Second, you'll want to upgrade them as much as you can. The higher their levels are, the higher your chances of winning.

When race day rolls around, stamina management is the key to success. Try to time your launch out of the gates correctly and then relax in your horses' preferred position, saving most of your stamina for the final stretch. When the warning rolls around, blow your green bar with a series of carefully timed sprint taps. The more stamina you have here, the higher your odds are of demolishing the competition and getting clear first.

Finally, remember to be patient when it comes to progression. Rival Stars has its fair share of microtransactions and paid options. If you're not playing on the paid PC version of the game, you'll need to shell out a good bit of real-life cash to access these features. In many cases, these options will simply speed up your rate of progression through the game. If you do your daily missions and races for a week or two, you'll have a good chance of getting the expensive thing you would have paid for with just a little bit of work.

Are you a Rival Stars Horse Racing guru? Who's your best horse? Did we miss any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!




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