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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
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Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is a brutally hard physics-based puzzle game. In Getting Over It, you get to control a man in a pot as he climbs a mountain with a hammer. At first, controlling the hammer will be awkward, and the game's lack of checkpoints or save will be frustrating, but as you play more, you'll master the game and learn more about yourself.

In Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, you play as a shirtless man named Diogenes who lives in a pot. To progress in the game, you use your mouse (or trackpad) to control the hammer. Push against an object with the hammer and Diogenes will be moved in the opposite direction. Hook the hammer on top of an object and pull and Diogenes will be propelled towards the object.

Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy is a very unique game in many ways. First, it's very difficult to control. While the hammer is moved in a way that corresponds with the movement of your mouse, it's a very granular system that's hooked up to a complicated, quirky physics engine. Everything is deterministic, but small differences in the movement of your mouse and hammer will frequently correspond to totally different movement with your pot - if you move at all. Mastering the system will take a long time, and you'll probably find yourself moving backwards or falling off of ledges just as often as you drag and push yourself forward at first.

That said, the hammer is the only element of control that you have. You don't have to worry about coordinating different buttons or remembering skill cooldowns. Instead, all you have to concentrate on is the hammer. This makes Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy a very natural game to learn, as you get to concentrate on a single skill. If you beat the game, you will have gotten very, very good at moving the pot man with the hammer.

Second, the game's creator, Bennett Foddy, narrates the game every so often. Bennett Foddy will talk about philosophy and give quotes and insight related to both defeat and success as you play through the game. In many ways, this allows the game to serve as an introspective art piece that allows you to examine how you deal with hardship, setbacks, and triumphs. It's also a great opportunity to observe your own mental state as you attempt to learn a new, difficult skill.

Third, the game does not allow you to save. There are no checkpoints, quicksaves, or other similar measures that you can use. Instead, when you fall down the mountain because you misjudged a hammer movement, you fall until you hit something. At some points in the game, this means you fall very, very far, sometimes even all the way down to the beginning. 

The lack of checkpoints accentuates the two points above. Not only is the game difficult and awkward to control, but you lose a lot of progress when you screw up. Similarly, when Bennett Foddy gives a quotation, it's especially impactful. The game's lack of saves and checkpoints allows the narration to resonate with a real, powerful emotional state. You'll probably feel better about progress in Getting Over It than you do about progress in other games, and you might feel more negative about losing that progress when you fall.


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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

How to play

The best way to play Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy may be to simply experiment and relax. If you don't worry about climbing the mountain and instead focus on exploring, mastering movement, and enjoying the game's quirky artstyle and interesting narration, you won't get bummed out when you die. For many people, this creates a mental state where learning is much more efficient and enjoyable. 

Regardless of how you choose to approach the game, there are a number of techniques you can utilize to move the pot around more efficiently. The first technique is to swing the hammer in a full circle all the way around the pot. Try to keep the hammer fully extended. Move the mouse in a big, smooth circle, being careful not to go too fast and short-circuit the circle. By spinning the hammer in the correct direction, you can actually clear a sizeable chunk of the early game with very few other techniques.

The next technique involves slowly repositioning the pot. Put the hammer down against the ground below the pot and very slowly push the pot upwards. Use the mouse to carefully adjust the pot a little bit in any direction. This technique is especially important in conjunction with the pogo, described next.

To pogo, you'll want to start with a slow reposition. Put the hammer on a flat surface below the pot, carefully adjust the pot to the proper angle, and then swiftly push the hammer away from the center of the pot. This should give you plenty of momentum to begin moving upward. Combine this technique with a bit of repositioning to unlock multiple angles and different jump trajectories.

To gain speed as you climb, try to hook the hammer onto objects and terrain far above your head. Pull down sharply to pull your pot upwards. You can also utilize this pulling technique in other directions, including sideways and even down. To get the most speed out of it, make sure that the hammer is as extended as possible when you pull.

To climb narrow tunnels or chimneys, simply do a full swing one way, then reverse the direction of your swing when you hit one side of the wall. Repeat until you get through the tunnel.

You get the most momentum in Getting Over It when you combine many of these techniques in a single jump. For example, you might pogo yourself off the ground, hook off of a ledge, then pogo again before coming to a rest. By doing all three of these techniques in a row, you'll go far faster than you would if you did only a single one at a time.

Have you played Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy? Did you beat the game? How long did it take? What was your favorite Bennett Foddy line? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below! Be sure to share any helpful tips or thoughts on how other players can find the right mindset to progress in the game so they can experience the emotional journey of conquering the mountain with Bennett Foddy.



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