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Need for Speed: No Limits
Need for Speed: No Limits
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Be the champion in Need for Speed: No Limits by racing againsts the fasters drivers in Blackridge.

When you first start the game, you enter the racing scene with a Ford Mustand GT, you race Marcus King, who is the leader of the Blackridge Royals. Before you can celebrate you win, the cops show up! Marcus then admits that the car he gave you was stolen, and he does not want you or the car on the streets. After a short stint of evading the cops, you enter the garage you took the car from. The owner Kim emerges and is thankful that you returned with the car and escaping the police. The characters will pop up between slides for conversations, but it will be one- sided as all you need to do is race in fast cars. 

Kim will then take you under her wing and teach you the ropes in town, she will even go as far as setting up races to help you earn your street cred or rep points. First, she gives you the blueprints to a Subaru BRZ, and teaches you how to build and upgrade the car. Use your new car to participate in street racing to win cash, performance parts and reputation. Every upgrade increases your car's performance rating, which appears on the right side corner of the car's icon. Your guide is Kim. who will teach you how to drive in the game. Tyler is the mechanic and he will be the one telling you about upgrades and car parts. Kelly is the Chop Shop owner, but you will unlock her at Chapter 9. Before that, you can salvage car parts. 

The game offers cash as a standard currency, you can earn this by performing trick skills or just by signing in daily for bonus. Gold is a higher level currency that you get when you win races or doing daily missions. Gold buys you better things like fuel refills, premium Black Market cartes and other things. Fuel is the energy system, and you get a standard 10 fuel to start. Leveling up will your fuel tank. Every race event takes 1 to 3 fuel, although replaying a level is usually 1. 

After all round of introduction, you will start your first race in your bid to face against Slayer, the boss of Chapter One. At the home screen, you can see the garage, mail, promtions and so on. The bottom shows play to show the campaigns and special events. Once you defeat Dwayne, the boss in Chapter 6, you can unlock the person versus person (PVP) play. By then, hopefully you will be a good enough racer to face off against the strongest Need For Speed racers all over the world!

You can purchase bundle packs and extra currencies to help you upgrade your car. Once you make a purchase, you will be upgraded to VIP status to earn better goodies in the store. There are 10 VIP levels, each with extra perks. At level 4, the perks are permanent, so you will receive extra bonuses with each purchase. However, buying things from the store does not guarantee a win- it gives you rare parts or rare car blueprints for you to get good cars, but you will need your own skill to win races.


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Need for Speed: No Limits
Need for Speed: No Limits
Need for Speed: No Limits
Need for Speed: No Limits
Need for Speed: No Limits

How to play

Aside from steering the car to avoid hitting cars, buildings and obstacles, you can aim for the nitro strips that show up on Chapter 2. Nitro strips make you car go faster without activating your nitrous tank. Nitrous accumulates as you drive and perform various skills, the easiest way is to drift through corners. To drif, you swipe down on the screen as you steer, and straigten or correct by releasing the finger. You can use either left or right, but if you are using the tapping function you have to keep your finger on the screen for a good drift. To go back straight, just tap the opposite side. You swipe down and hold to drift, then tilt left and right as you collect points by sustaining a drift. 

Salvage unwanted car parts or duplicate blueprints to earn some salvage points. When the Chop Shop opens, you can trade the salvage points for car parts and blueprints. Blueprints will allow you to build the cars to race, while car parts will increase your performance points for you to win races. There are 6 categories for cars: Street, Sport, Muscle, Super, Classic Sports and Hyper. You can tell by the little logo on the left side of the car card. Some events will only allow specific car types to race, hence collecting cars for all types is important if you want to participate. Of course, better car parts means faster car or longer nitrous charge. 

The first few races are to help you familiarise with the game, as they have 3 types of control you can choose from in terms of steering. You can choose to tap, tilt or virtual steering that uses swipe to steer from left to right. So try the different ways to play before you settle for your favorite method. Tap on the gear icon on the right corner, select options and controls to see the 3 options. At the player profile, you can enter a name so that the other players around the world can see. You can sign in to save your progress, so your game will not be lost if you change devices. 

There are 3 types of racing or events in the game. The most common one is the Rush Hour, where you race against someone to cross the finish line first. In Time Trial, you have to cross the line before the time runs out. On some occasions, you need to deliver a car without damaging it. Running the car into other cars or obstacles will add a time penalty that will cost you some cash. Team Battle is a race against rival teams, and Hunter is to beat your opponent to the finish line. Nitro Rush is a fun race involving special Nitro strips that works like your nitrous tank. When a police chases you, it is a Blockade and you will need to cross the finish line before the police catchs up to you. Lastly, get Airborne by jumping in the air to cross the finish line. 

When you display good skill like airborne and drift, you earn extra bonus points that translates into cash. Nearly missing the incoming cars will also earn you money. A Perfect Launch will propel you ahead and also earn you the extra points. For a perfect launch, rev the pedal to stay in the green zone of the meter before the race starts. You need money to upgrade your car: having the part is not enough! Don't like the look of your car? Not to worry, head to the Modshop to change your colour or the sticker. Add spoilers, swap for cooler wheels to make your car unique when you race against other people. You customize your car in the colour menu, but some enchancements have to be earned.

Feel the adrenaline of racing through your phone, Need For Speed: No Limit has the background soundtrack that helps you feel like you are racing on the street. With only 4 moves, dominate the streets with your skillful drifting and nitrous acceleration on the streets of Blackridge. You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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