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Gearing and drifting through the roads, your car should be in the very front for you to win the race. 

Are you fond of playing car racing games? Then we have an interesting game that will make you glued to your gaming seats throughout it. Drifty Race is the car racing game of your dreams, and the game is quite simple but fun nonetheless. 

The interesting thing about Drifty Race is that your car will move on its own. You only have to tap on the screen to make it drift. There will be a lot of turns on your race track, and that is all the Drifty Race is about. You will have to master your skill of drifting if you want to pass the levels of this game. Your drift should be accurate and perfect. For that, you will have to manage your taping timing. One wrong tao can make you lose the round. You will have no control whatsoever over your car except the one to drift it on the sharp turns on the road.

Drifty Race is suitable for every age group as there is not any hard part in this game. Although the game is quite fun, anyone with a little practice can get pro with it. You may lose interest in the game within the first few rounds but do not lose hope because this game is worth it all. The game is pretty chill compared to the modern-day racing games that are like speed up and kill anyone on your way. Drifty Race is cute and calm.


● Coins:

You will see several coins on the race track. If you want to collect many of them, you must have to drift the right way. Collecting coins will help you in upgrading your car and completing our different missions and challenges. One frustrating thing is that since you can't move your car, you will only collect coins that are in your way. You can also purchase the coins if you are unable to collect them.

● Diamonds:

The diamonds will help you more than the coins, but they are hard to collect. You will rarely find diamonds while racing. So there are two ways to collect many of them. One is to watch videos or ads, and the other one is to buy them. Diamonds will help you continue the game where you left off in case you lose the game or something. You will also get challenges that will require you to collect a certain amount of diamonds.

The game is available on Android as well as IOS devices. You can also play it on the PC. You have to decide where you feel the most comfortable while playing it. For some people, it may be on the phone, but for some, it could be on a computer screen. The game has a slow pace, so do not expect a lot of bumping and thrashing around other cars.

One of the drawbacks of this game is that it does not have any music. And what's a car racing game without any music? Some music is what makes a car racing game more exciting and fun. But in Drifty Car, you will not be able to enjoy good music. For the most part, it will be silent.


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Drifty Race
Drifty Race
Drifty Race
Drifty Race
Drifty Race

How to play

Drifty Race has the easiest controls you can come across ever. You have to tap on your screen to control the car. One the computer can be controlled with one simple key. You will be more comfortable playing this game on the phone. Now let's get started on the basic things about playing this game.

As you already know, it is not as hard as any modern-day car racing game. The game is all about multiple drifts that will make you win the race. It would be best if you had great control over your taps because a mistake of not tapping in time can make you lose the race. Your car should be upfront to win the race. 

If you lose control of your taps, the car can fall off into the water, which will make you restart the level all over again. The diamonds you collected will help you continue the game where you left off, but diamonds will be hard to collect. Once again, it is all about control. If you move your car at the right time, you can collect the diamond. There are some other options to have the diamonds too. 

Drifty Car offers the players diamonds if you watch some ads. Ads, for sure, will take up some of your time, but they are worth it. Because having them will give you get extra time on the game. You can buy the diamonds too.

You can upgrade your car with new ones too. How? The game will help you get the coins on the race tracks. You have to collect them to buy new things for the car. You can also buy coins for the game. More coins mean you will have multiple options for your car. 

There will be booster bumps along the track. The blue-coloured bumps will speed up your car, by which you will be able to get in the first position quickly. But it will do so just for a little time. If you want to speed up your car, you can upgrade your old car to a new one. Your opponents can be easily defeated if you have a great focus on your game.

There will be some missions or challenges for you too. Don't worry. They all are easy to handle. The missions will include collecting certain amounts of coins or diamonds. Some challenges will be to surpass a specific number of opponent cars in your race. This is simple, and you can do it if you have the will to play your best for the game.

Other than that, there are no twists and hard parts about this game. The game is as simple as any car racing game can get. Just drift the car as much as you can at every turn, and you are good to be at the very front of the race.

Even though the game is easy, it can get boring with the same thing on every level. So we suggest that you upgrade your car every chance you get. This way, you will have a good chance, which will help you stay put in the game. Remember, all cars are bots, so it is easy to surpass them if you have a strong will.




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