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True Skate is a virtual skating game that uses physics on doing solid and genuine tricks. This simulation game uses touch screen controls to complete skateboard tricks on a 3D skatepark. True Skate successfully mimics the experience of skating by making you in charge of a virtual skateboard which is controlled by using fingers instead of feet.

With its 3D graphics, the game features realistic skateboarding obstacles with proper light sources that create shadows on a high frame rate display. Considered the most realistic skateboarding game on AppStore and Google Play, this app will remind you that skateboarding is hard.

Even with good graphics, the game has a set of limitations. You can only use a single skatepark, boards cannot be customized, and do not have a replay button for every trick done. Aside from gaming limitations, you need to buy the game before you can play it.

You will have missions in the game where you need to play out a series of tricks or follow a trick shown during the game. However, after these missions, some players choose to stop playing the game. Aside from the missions, there are also tutorials to enhance your skills in doing tricks.

As opposed to being a vigorous mission or a story-based game, True Skate is a game that is like a sandbox toy that allows you to play around a skatepark doing anything you feel like.

The view is from a third-person behind-the-board camera point which makes a huge difference that playing with a person standing on the skateboard itself. With this view, you can see where you need to go and what objects you want to hit with your skateboard. The third-person view also allows you to land on something in which you can simply continue doing a series of tricks.

On its recent update, the game incorporated a new skatepark called The Factory, a game on Realistic Mode that tones down the physics, a straightforward replay viewer, and a Crash Cam which is also a new feature.

In the new Factory park particularly, there are certain places where you could be falling off from something that would resemble two or three stories high. Crash Cam prevents you from falling to anything when you do the tricks on these kinds of heights.

The new skatepark is available as an in-app purchase which looks like an indoor park to try out your virtual skateboarding skills.

The Factory skatepark focuses on changes in obstacles and some street-style ramps all through. There is an enormous halfpipe which can be particularly fun to do tricks on, just like the two bowls where you can practice getting your speed rolling. With these certain changes in this update, some things are fixed such that you don't slide out easily.

True Skate is very realistic to the point that even all-out beginners will choose to get out and jump on a genuine skateboard. The controls are astounding and responsive, so nothing holds up when you choose to flip over slopes and rails. It is an ideal balance of simple gameplay and skill development that children and skateboard enthusiasts will enjoy.


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True Skate
True Skate
True Skate
True Skate
True Skate

How to play

The control system of True Skate has no buttons. A swipe close to the board will control the kick to speed up the skateboard, then drag to a side makes the board turn. As for doing the tricks, you will be flicking at various parts of the skateboard which depends upon what you need to do.

Acquiring speed is a basic requirement for getting skateboard tricks going. Simply swipe down on the right or left on half of your screen. This will get you moving great. Simply ensure that you are skating toward a path where you can see a few slopes to use. When you have picked the right pace, this will allow you to get some bigger air to play out a few skateboarding stunts. For beginners, you can certainly practice skating around to work on your speed.

Holding, tapping, flicking, and swiping the board is like how you would control a genuine board. You can explore the skate park brimming with half-pipes, rails, and slopes while performing stunts and bouncing over the gaps.

When the Realistic Mode is turned on in the game options, the physics involved in real-life skateboarding is more forgiving as it makes the powers of gravity in the game a lot more grounded. When playing in this mode, you need to attempt to get up on a portion of the higher and greater obstacles.

One thing from the Realistic Mode is that the tallness of your ollie can be changed depending on how you swipe up on the virtual skateboard in the wake of popping down on the end.

Before the update, when using the standard mode, you need to flick off the rear of the board for you to play out an ollie, then a flick on the front of the skateboard does a nollie. While in the air, you can flick the front of the board up to perform flip stunts and as you touch it again at the right time it stops the board rotation on time for you to land back on the ground.

To begin skating after a major crash, you can use the reset button at the top of the screen to bring you back to the closest beginning point. However, for you to master a trick down a particular rail, you can make a session starting point which can be done in the options menu. It will give you a chance to attempt doing your tricks again, then reset back to your starting position for another attempt.

Once you have done a trick and it landed perfectly, its name will show up on a list where you can choose to perform it again.

Aside from the reset button, other buttons across the top are for pausing the game's activities, changing the camera settings, and a rewind button. The rewind button can be used so you can return to a past spot, and it is the only best way to see a trick after you have finished it.

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