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HOMER Learn & Grow: A Fun and Educational App for your Kids

Struggling with teaching your child at home? Get ready to make your regular boring topics into fun activities that your toddlers can surely enjoy with Homer Learn & Grow!

HOMER Learn & Grow is an early educational software for your children ages 2 to 8 which emphasizes reading through sketching, audio recordings, storytelling, and music, as well as conventional grammar training. Each of the possibilities for children to discover is shown on a vibrant home screen: Mathematics, Literature, Storytelling, Music, Games, Creative thinking, and Exercises.

Your toddlers are guided in all subjects by simple spoken guidance. Reading allows children to obey a customized, adaptive educational plan by tapping and listening to a course, playing games, and reviewing before going to the next topic. Students can select from a variety of tasks in Mathematics and Games, which focus on basic numbers, riddles, and reasoning.

In addition to this, Tales and Music contains books, children's songs, and music clips on a wide range of topics, combining unique material with famous classics. In the Creativity category, youngsters can sketch or apply stickers to construct various themed sceneries.

The holiday seasons, aircraft, and animals are also just a few of the themes covered in subject-specific learning sessions. Some games need you to grant microphone accessibility to your gadget.

What to expect in this app

What is listed below are the app's key features which will inform you why you must have this app:

· It contains engaging educational exercises in numerous subjects, including literacy, mathematics, social and emotional development, innovation, and critical thinking.

· A customized reading program that evolves alongside your student as they learn to read

· It has been shown to improve early literacy abilities by 74%.

· Entertaining and engaging courses, activities, tales, and music for your students

· Countless personalities and storylines to adore, from stories such as The three little pigs to The lion and the mouse

· A single subscription for the entire household, with up to four personalized accounts

· Supplemental parent tools, such as printouts, movies, games, and professional teaching advice

· It even contains no advertisements!

The HOMER Learn & Grow program is an excellent approach to getting your youngsters interested in acquiring knowledge. With comprehensive phonics courses, proper pronunciation, letters including upper and lowercase, word identification, exercising critical analysis when reading, and reasoning skills can all be improved.

Your students can discover interesting facts about wildlife, historical individuals, international cultures, art, and other things necessary to their lives through reading and listening to the narratives included in the programs. Learners are engaged while learning about amphibians, folk music, literature, poems, and melodies through engaging materials. Your children are applying technological creativity abilities while utilizing their insights as they produce audio clips and paint images.

It is indeed a great app to teach your children various skills and, at the same time, let them enjoy and appreciate the joy of learning!


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HOMER Learn & Grow
HOMER Learn & Grow
HOMER Learn & Grow
HOMER Learn & Grow
HOMER Learn & Grow

How to play

In acquiring this fantastic application, you need to accomplish just some simple steps. First, you will need to complete several inquiries regarding your children or students to learn when they establish a new subscriber account, which results in a customized training program. Once you are logged in, you may select which programs and academic subjects your children have access to.

After installing the app, you should set up a profile and select a subscription plan. All forms of subscriptions begin with a free trial period that lasts up to 30 days.

The educational programs in this prize-winner, research-backed software enable your kids to proactively interact with learning by pressing responses, creating their own audio recordings, and selecting what they want to discover. HOMER Learn & Grow offers a personalized educational route for your child based on their reading ability and preferences, guiding them towards proficiency. Nearly every child will find a lot in this application to be interesting.

Since HOMER Learn & Grow caters to your student's needs, they customize the games based on their categories. Here's what you can expect per level:


At the age of two, your kids learn to recognize letters as unique representations. They are also taught how to distinguish capital letters and have increased familiarity with the alphabet.

You can teach your students simple shape descriptions, recognize figures, and build with shapes in mathematics, which will help children acquire mathematical competence. You can also teach them how to count until ten and count objects until five vocally.


If your child is already at 3, you can teach them to identify letter names and how to use capital letters. With the programs included in this app, you can help them extend their vocabulary and improve their vocal communicative abilities. As they mature, they become more adept at understanding concepts, so you may now teach them how to name and recognize typical emotions and feelings in themselves and others.


In this stage, your goal is to let your student become more expressive while using their language. You may utilize books and other tales to make them love and relish reading. Establishing their social skills is also crucial so you can let them do some challenges and read stories about the beauty of friendship.

Early Learner

They must already learn the basics of spelling and geometry at this level, such as creating shapes and learning about its basic concepts. You can also utilize this app to help them collaborate with others through fun activities and enable them to build resilience.

Growing Learner

When you reach the last level, your main objective is to let your students be independent. You can allow them to read books in this app and play games about basic mathematical operations. This app also includes programs that will enhance their independence and accountability towards others.


Your students can achieve these when they accomplish each task and move to the following levels. With just a few taps, drawings, and audio recording, you can already enhance your student's efficiency skills. As simple as that, your students had fun and gained new learnings and insights with the Homer Learn & Grow applications. Feel free to leave your comments and experiences with this wonderful app to encourage other instructors and join us in this education community!




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