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Toca Lab: Elements

Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements
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It is an educational game to teach you about the physical and chemical properties of the 118 periodic table elements in the easiest way. Toca lab has designed many apps. They are famous for the premium apps on the Play Store. This game represents each element with a character. You can see how the elements will behave in a specific environment. You can change the surrounding of the characters to see the effects. It is easy to remember the character's behavior on the periodic tablet with the visuals of this game.

We love this game because it helps people remember the names of the periodic table. Remembering the names of 118 elements is a daunting task. Kids can also have fun when they pick a character by the name of an element and test it. They will see the changes after centrifugation, cooling, heating, and voltage change. Visual memory is the best memory of humans. This game uses visual memory to teach kids about the elements. Even if you do not tell the kids about the learning aspect of the game, they will play it to learn everything about the elements. You will notice an improvement in the chemistry scores after playing this game.

This game allows you to explore the equipment in the lab. The lab in the game resembles the labs in the schools. It will help kids learn about the working of school labs also. Kids can remember the elements in the game due to their funny personalities. All 118 elements of the periodic table are available in the same location as the chemistry books. When kids unlock each element, they will remember their location. There are only a few games in this category. All of the other games are boring as the elements are not in the form of characters. People prefer this game instead of the free games on the Play store. It is due to the benefits it provides for the kid's learning.

Some parents complain that the games do not use accurate chemistry to change the elements. Kids can get the wrong idea about the element conversion from this game. The game developer claims that it was impossible to use the exact methods as it can complicate the game. They had to improve the kid's engagement in the periodic table formation. A complicated game cannot achieve this goal. Parents like the way games become challenging gradually. It challenges kids to think more about the game.

It is perfect for children of six to eight years as they have a periodic table part of their curriculum. They have designed the app for kids. Kids can play it without help from adults. They used art and sound to attract children. Most children keep playing the game due to achievement sounds. The game is expert-approved on the Play Store. You can find an Expert-Approved badge on the game page. They have awarded this badge because the game promotes the love of learning math. It is a hard thing to do in a school.


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Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements

How to play

As the game is for children, the developers designed an easy user interface for the game. They support the actions with sounds. If the children cannot read, they will remember some things from the game due to voice notifications. We will guide you about the gameplay from the installation to game achievements.

First impression

When you open the game for the first time, it will show a play button at the center of the screen. You can press this button to go screen to select the effects for the elements. There are machines for centrifugation, heating, and voltage change on the left shelves. There is a mystery box, cooling equipment, and chemicals on the right side shelves. They will give you an initial character to move around the room because it is fun to push these characters around.

Equipment application

You can drag the character on the screen toward the shelves. You can place it on one of the shelves with equipment to use it. When you use centrifuge on the character, it will change color. It shows that you have unlocked one of the new characters. You can use different combinations of equipment to show all the characters. It may change color, form, and shape. The liquid may convert to gas or solid also. The game will also show the periodic table. You can use the equipment from this table also. The game allows you to apply both extremes to the elements. Voltage machines can apply a positive and negative voltage. You can also oscillate the voltage to change the elements.

Filling periodic table

You need to use different combinations of the elements to fill all the boxes of the periodic table. You will start with the phosphorus character. You will get the white character if you apply cold equipment to it. It is the sulfur. The represents the sulfur with S. If you click on the top of sulfur, the game will use the centrifuge equipment to make O. On the left of O, there is the option of heating. There is an option for voltage change on the right side. When you use the heating equipment, you will get N. The voltage change of O will give you F. Most inert gases have a crown on them. It shows that the element does not react with others. The game will show you options to unlock all the elements.

Higher levels

All elements are not easy to unlock as you may have to choose between increasing the voltage or decreasing it. You also have to use equipment and chemical combinations to unlock some elements. You can continue the game till you unlock all the elements because the game has 118 elements. The kids will remember the periodic table details after playing this game. It is due to visual learning as the kids will watch the periodic table for a long time.

You are welcome to share the game experience in the comment section below. It will help other people like this game.



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