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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
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Experience the global phenomenon of the Call of Duty franchise right inside your own mobile device!

A completely standalone game that is officially licensed under the Call of Duty IP, Call of Duty: Mobile is a free premium First-Person Shooter (FPS) mobile game that lets you participate in instant competitive gunfights set within the Call of Duty universe.

Featuring tons of skins and weapon customizations, any Call of Duty fan will find themselves at home with Call of Duty: Mobile, playing as their favourite characters such as Ghost (Modern Warfare 2), Alex Mason (Black Ops) and Captain Price (Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3), besides many others.

Taking advantage of today’s modern mobile controls, expect loads of fun and excitement as you make your way through various game modes like the fan-favourite Team Deathmatch, all out Free-for-All, or tactical Search and Destroy, all while on the go!

Popular multiplayer maps also make a comeback in Call of Duty: Mobile, with Nuketown, Crossfire, and Crash just a few places for you to revisit while you continue ramping up your Scorestreaks to unlock powerful abilities such as radioing a Stealth Chopper, requesting a Sentry Gun, or calling down the XS1 Goliath exosuit to obliterate other players on the battlefield.

With exclusive content continuously added every season, you should definitely install Call of Duty: Mobile right now to join in on the action anytime, anywhere!

Call of Duty: Mobile remains true to its roots, putting you inside the first-person perspective of your chosen avatar while you scour the map looking for other players to eliminate, netting points for your team besides improving your own global K/D (Kill/ Death) ratio as well.

However, relevant to its core game design as a mobile game, Call of Duty: Mobile does not have a campaign for you to participate in unlike most other Call of Duty titles out there. Noting the lack of hardware capabilities for handheld devices compared to mainstream platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, it is understandable why the extensive development required for an in-game campaign was to be scrapped.

Nevertheless, the plethora of different game modes provided offer more than enough challenge for you to take on by yourself or with like-minded friends. That said, it is worth mentioning that the game requires a constant Internet connection for you to play, so it is advisable to stay connected to a stable Wi-Fi network if your mobile Internet connection is choppy.

Before jumping straight into the fold, here are the current Game Modes that Call of Duty: Mobile has to offer:

The casual online experience of Call of Duty: Mobile, Multiplayer allows you to play a number of unique game modes without the need to be competitive and serious.

Here are the dedicated game modes that are currently available under Multiplayer:Frontline、Team Deathmatch、Domination、Search & Destroy、Hardpoint、Free-for-All、Kill Confirmed、Gunfight.

There are also time-limited modes that usually crop up every once in a while too, such as Gun Game, Snipers Only, and Rapid Fire, just to name a few.

You receive XP after every Multiplayer match that you play (regardless of win or loss) which is counted towards your profile’s Season level, unlocking rewards as you progress as well.

Competitive play is found under Ranked, and the only game modes that are available here are:Team Deathmatch、Domination、Search & Destroy、Hardpoint、Kill Confirmed (time-limited).

In Ranked, you will be placed under different tiered Divisions that determine your verall skill level, matching you with other players of the same Division or skill ceiling as well.These are the current Divisions that you might find yourself in:Rookie (I to V)、Veteran (I to V)、Elite (I to V)、Pro (I to V)、Master、Grandmaster、Legend

In order to rank up, you need to consistently win Ranked matches, accumulating points before ranking up towards the next Division.

You receive special Rewards for ranking up, with the rarer ones only unlocked by reaching the higher tiered Divisions accordingly.

Following the craze of Fortnite’s and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’s (PUBG) Battle Royale, the same mode has also been implemented inside Call of Duty: Mobile too – the first of the franchise!

In Battle Royale, your team’s primary objective is to be the last one standing on the map, and you have the freedom to play however you want as long as you survive till the very end.You have three (3) different options to play Battle Royale, each being:Solo、2-Player、4-Player.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale is also the first mode in Call of Duty that allows you to switch your character’s perspective between First-Person and Third-Person view on the fly.

In Battle Royale, you can choose between seventeen (17) exclusive classes before the start of a match, each being:Scout、Clown、Medic、Ninja、Defender、Mechanic、Airborne、Trickster、Trap Master、Poltergeist、Smoke Bomber、Hacker、Refitter、Desperado、Spotter、Rewind.Similar to other Battle Royale games, the map will gradually shrink as time goes by, forcing you to relocate to other safe areas while increasing the chances of engaging ther remaining players for survival too.

Active weapon mods and attachments are also scattered all over the battlefield in Battle Royale, letting you loot items and gear in order to stay alive for as long as possible.

Zombies is another follow-up to a long-running game mode made famous in Call of Duty: World at War in 2008.As the name implies, you find yourself grouped with a few other players to survive a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion started by the Nazis.

Distinct from all other game modes, your selection of weapons here are limited to the respective map although powerful guns do exist inside a randomized crate called the Mystery Box.

You cannot customize your weapons with mods and attachments in Zombies but are provided with other superhuman utilities, such as the Speed Cola and Stamin-Up amongst the few ‘powers’ that you receive from drinking their respective tonics.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Zombie mode also introduces player buffs such as improved weapon damage and increased health which are purchasable in-game too.Previously, there were only two (2) Zombies game types available, each being:

Now, these game types have been replaced with Undead Siege instead, introducing day – night cycles into the game, with the main objective of winning being to protect a teleporter machine from becoming destroyed by oncoming zombie hordes out for blood for a few in-game days.Initially permanent, Zombies has now become a Limited-Time game mode that only pops up every now and then.Bear in mind, there are also special events and seasonal modes that might be introduced into the game as well, so be sure to check out Call of Duty: Mobile yourself to see what’s currently up and running!


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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

How to play

Now onto the real stuff: running and gunning other players in Call of Duty: Mobile!

One of the key reasons why the game has a strong player base to this very day is because of its extensive weapon choices and customizations. There are close to a hundred (100) different weapons available for you to choose from – including melee - each with their own unique feel and usefulness depending on the circumstances at hand.

To put things simply, here are the general weapon categories that are currently present in Call of Duty: Mobile:

Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns


Light Machine Guns

Marksman Rifles

Sniper Rifles




Lethal/ Tactical

Other (Scorestreaks, etc.)

Additionally, there are also abundant gun mods and weapon attachments that can be outfitted onto your chosen firearms as well, allowing you to personalize your own combat preferences and ballistic options accordingly.

Another important component of the overall Call of Duty: Mobile experience is the implementation of Scorestreaks which are mighty tools, weapons and support that you unlock upon collecting enough individual Score during a match.

Although some of them might be slightly overpowered, Scorestreaks are not available from the get-go, requiring you to accumulate your in-match Score in order to unlock any of your chosen ones afterwards. The best way to do this is to gather as much kills as you can, besides assisting your teammates in nabbing theirs while also completing objectives too.

Here’s a peek at the Scorestreaks that you can choose from in the game:

Shield Turret (300 Score)

UAV (400 Score)

RC (450 Score)

Hunter Killer (500 Score)

Care Package (550 Score)

Counter-UAV (600 Score)

MQ-27 Dragonfire (650 Score)

Predator Missile (700 Score)

Hawk X3 (750 Score)

Sentry Gun (800 Score)

SAM Turret (850 Score)

Orbital Laser (890 Score)

XS1 Goliath (900 Score)

Cluster Strike (950 Score)

Chopper Gunner (980 Score)

Stealth Chopper (1,000 Score)

Lightning Strike (1,050 Score)

Swarm (1,100 Score)

Advanced UAV (1,200 Score)

EMP (1,300 Score)

Napalm (1,500 Score)

VTOL (1,600 Score)

There are so many ways for you to enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile and you can always boot it up on your phone any time of the day too. If you’re looking for an amazing FPS mobile game, Call of Duty: Mobile would definitely fill that need perfectly.

Have your own experience of playing Call of Duty: Mobile?

Share your feedback and opinions with others on the comments section below.

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